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Hire an HVAC Expert Follow these tips

The heating and cooling system like heating installation Phoenix is one of the most complex systems that can be found in a home. It’s essential that the HVAC service provider you hire is well-trained to deal with the inherent safety issues in heating systems electricity, natural gas, oil or cooling units that use toxic refrigerants such as Freon.

A few decades ago, before home air conditioning, the job was simply known as furnace repair and even ductwork was an afterthought since heat rose naturally and air flow was only marginally understood. Today, ventilation has become a technology of its own.

An HVAC contractor will play a crucial role in your home’s comfort, air quality and safety. Consider these steps when making your hiring decision.

Checking Licenses

Many states require HVAC contractors to be licensed and many state governments offer license look-up websites where you can check the status of a HVAC contractor’s license.  It’s also often the case that individual cities and municipalities have their own specific requirements for HVAC contractors.

Angie’s List maintains an online database of contractor licensing links to state and local government websites.

Since heating and

Great painting tips for your home

Choosing the right exterior color can make a huge difference when you paint your house for resale. The paint store brochures show different combinations of exterior paint colors. But keep in mind those color combinations actually include three colors, not just two. The additional color will add definition to the architectural details and your house will have a more finished look.

How you paint your home makes a big difference in its saleability. An appropriate color for the area and house will translate into prospective buyers wanting to see the inside. Make a mistake with the outside and you’ll turn off prospects.

In picking exterior colors consider the other homes on your street and in your neighborhood. If the house is on a wooded lot or has extensive landscaping, than earth tones would be appropriate. The color choice should take into consideration the stone or brickwork on the house and the roof color. Additionally, the home style can help dictate a direction. Colonial homes look good with white or beige, while ranch homes could be more appealing using muted shades. A muted shade – generally a color that required two words to describe like “cream yellow” vs. yellow.


Tips to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is something everyone should work on but is of particular importance to those wishing to sell their home. As soon as a new listing comes up, perspective buyers are going to drive by to decide which if they’re interested in seeing more. These handy tips can make your house outshine all the others on the real estate market.

Be certain your house can be clearly seen from every direction of the yard. If there are bushes or trees blocking windows trim them back.

    • Have your curtains/blinds all uniform in color from the outside.

    • Wash your windows.

    • Power wash the exterior of your home and all decks and sidewalks.

    • Schedule your driveway to be sealed as soon as weather permits. If you have a stone driveway, put down a new fresh layer of stone.

    • Paint your front door.

    • Add new mulch and edge your yard.

    • Repair all cracked and chipping paint on the exterior of your house. A buyer may look past this defect, but a mortgage appraiser may insist that the deteriorating paint be repaired or

Pet at home tips

When your selling your home the general advice is to clean, repair and depersonalize. While this is great advice for the house in general, how do you make and keep your home “show” ready when you have pets? First and foremost, you as the home owner and pet lover must understand that potential buyers don’t share your love for your pets, and having to deal with them at a showing or seeing (or worse smelling) evidence of them can be a huge turn off. So what is a pet lover to do?

When asking the real estate agents who’s job it is to sell your home, the most popular answer is to relocate them while your home is on the market. Essentially, if they are removed from the home, whether staying with friends or boarded, the home can be deep cleaned once and be ready at a moments notice for a showing. For many people this option is out of the question. Few people are willing to send their beloved animals away for what could be 6 months or more and even fewer can afford to board them for that long.

If you can’t (or won’t)

Cheap tips for products made for your home design

Until recently most homeowners and buyers gave little thought to green building materials for homes they purchased or renovated. In the last few years, however, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient construction has attracted many potential buyers, especially those considering the future of their investment, their health, and the well being of our planet.

When it comes to recycled building materials, you may be confused by the difference between ‘recycled,’ ‘reclaimed,’ and ‘salvaged.’ You may see these words used interchangeably, but there are distinctions.

  • Some of the sustainable home building products you can use include those that contain recycled materials, either pre-consumer waste material that is an unused by-product of manufacturing or post-consumer that you have used and discarded. ‘Recycled’ means that either of these types of material has been collected and processed. The processed material can become a substitute for virgin material in manufacturing new products, similar to the originals — such as plastic products manufactured using flakes of recycled plastic — or a totally different product made from plastic.
  • Reclaimed materials are salvaged from prior construction such as joists and floorboards from a demolished structure. Renovation and new construction projects often incorporate repurposed salvaged materials in their

Fast sale tips and enjoy your day

Buying a house is buying space… usable square feet. The more livable space you can showcase a prospective buyer, the more you’ll be able to sell it for. Keep in mind, buyers usually see several houses in the same day and you want them to remember your house clutter free.

Buyers are not interested in walking through rooms filled with too much furniture or looking at your various “collections” of things jammed on every shelf and overflowing storage available space. Buyers won’t imagine how your house looks empty and clean – they want to actually see it that way.

If you do one thing to improve the value of your house before you sell it – make it clutter free and really clean.

Trying to declutter the entire house at once is not advised. A room by room approach allows you to delegate to family members accordingly and gives you a sense that you are making real progress as each room gets finished.

Decluttering can be a major process as you sift through each item in every room in the house. When it’s time to roll up your sleeves have a few boxes and garbage bags ready and you’ll need to make

Home engineering tips

We have had numerous instances where clients and/or realtors have asked us whether a house that we are inspecting conforms with codes. Home buyers sometimes confuse our inspections with code compliance inspections.

Pre-purchase engineering inspections of houses or buildings are not code compliance inspections. Such an inspection is considered to be well beyond the scope of a building inspection as defined by the professional standards that govern home inspections. By law, the local building department inspector (Code Enforcement Officer) has almost the final say in interpreting and applying codes. Although we can sometimes comment on the applicable codes, the final determination must be the local CEO.

More importantly, it is critical to understand that existing homes will rarely conform to modern building codes and standards. This is because building codes are revised on a regular basis. As a result, today’s code would be different than the code that was in place when an existing home was constructed. The code at the time that the work (construction, repair, or improvement) was performed is the code that applies. There is also no requirement that existing homes conform to today’s codes and standards. Certainly, any renovation or repair work that is performed on

How to get a wonderful garden

Whether applied by themselves or in the form of weed and feed products that combine fertilizer and herbicide in one application, can easily run off into streams and lakes and can migrate into groundwater supplies in areas of porous soils.

Preventing Weeds in your Lawn
Weeds move into lawns when conditions favor their growth over that of turf grasses. A healthy lawn will be able to endure drought, diseases and pest infestations better than a stressed lawn. Healthy grasses can also compete better with undesirable weeds.

Promote lawn health by mowing and watering properly:

    • Mow at a 2.5 -3″ height. Taller grass develops deeper roots, an advantage during dry spells

    • Water deeply once a week. Lawns need about an inch of water a week. Supplement with irrigation only when necessary

    • Water early in the morning

  • Water at a rate that the soil can absorb

To control the spread of broad-leaf weeds, try using corn gluten, a non-toxic corn by-product. Apply at the suggested rate in the spring (when forsythia is blooming). Corn gluten will not kill existing weeds, but will prevent new ones from germinating each year that it

Manufacturers on tips to be simple and gorgeous

If you’re searching for the best walk-in tubs for yourself or a parent, you can find more than 25 manufacturers and prominent brands online, each with numerous models that offer various combinations of features and desirable options. How can you quickly narrow your choices to only the best brands to meet your particular needs?

The following list includes a brief description of walk-in tub manufacturers with an online presence, their website addresses and the ways in which they distinguish themselves from each other:

America’s Walk-in Tubs

What you should know:

  • Manufacturing walk-in tubs since 2002, they offer a 25-year warranty on their products.
  • For easy contact, their phone number and email appears at the top of each of their webpages.
  • Services include installation, maintenance and customization.
  • Options and their prices are easy to access online.

How you can learn more: You can immediately download or request a brochure while on the website.

American Standard

What you should know:

  • American Standard has been manufacturing kitchen and bath fixtures for over 140 years.
  • The website offers over 30 models of walk-in tubs.
  • You can search their site by type, width, length or special safety features and luxuries

Fast sell your home tips

When you’ve decided it is time to move and don’t have the time to prepare your home for that quick sale, consider home staging. This does not mean a total redesign, it does however, require a serious plan to make your home inviting and desirable to prospective buyers.

So, where do we begin?

The first step to successful staging is to clean out and declutter. Remove all piles of newspaper, magazines, third class mail. Put all folders back into your office space. Clear off dressers and bathroom vanities. Clean up the laundry room. Rid the space of extra baskets and move extra bottles of soap into cabinets or down in the lower level on shelves. Neatly organize all closets, especially the master closet and main coat closet. Give prospective buyers the opportunity to visualize their belongings in large, clean spaces.

Depersonalize! Remove all family photos from tabletops and bookcases. Take a look at your fridge. Is it plastered with soccer schedules and coupons? Get rid of those too. Sort your child’s artwork into folders and store in bins that are out of sight. Sort your children’s shoes and donate outgrown hockey skates and soccer shoes.

Take a walk through your home and

Tips to fix home by yourself

Do you have your share of home-related issues that keep you awake at night? You’re not alone. Some may be worries, but others may be disturbing noises, and you can’t always control all of those — your crying infant, the neighbors’ barking dog, or your partner’s snoring, to name a few.

However, many common noisy house problems have relatively simple DIY fixes.

You don’t have to suffer in silence when it comes to the following annoying house noises. You can often fix them inexpensively and relatively easily without calling a repair person.

What you may need:


nail set or thick screw

rags or paper towels

cleaning solvent such as WD-40

lubricant like white lithium grease or petroleum jelly

You may be thinking, “This is a no-brainer. Lubricate with WD-40.” While it can silence the squeaky door hinge in seconds, regular WD-40 is actually a solvent for cleaning off rust, not a true lubricant. Both WD-40 and graphite can leave dusty residue behind that stains light-colored doors and frames. Professionals recommend using white lithium grease to lubricate a squeaky door hinge. Close the door and remove the squeaking hinge

Tips to get the wonderful of backyard

If you’re a city dweller there’s a good chance the size of your backyard, if you’re lucky enough to even have one, is on the smaller side. But like the old proverb: good things come in small packages; a small backyard can be a lovely, intimate oasis. Here are 6 ideas for making the most out of your outdoor space.

Trick the eye: You can make your yard appear larger than it is by strategically hanging a few mirrors on walls or fences.  Angle them to reflect the surrounding plants and foliage, magnifying greenery and adding depth.

Let it burn: If you only have enough room for a few plants, make them showstoppers. The fiery Burning Bush is a deciduous shrub that gets its name from the brilliant shade of its red fall leaves. The Burning Bush adapts to a variety of soils and climate conditions and can be grown in almost any area of the country. You’ll look forward to fall just to enjoy the amazing color.

Veg out. Container gardening is a great way to create layers of greenery. And why not make your garden edible? Fresh herbs, strawberries, tomatoes, grapes, and other

Tips to find handyman apps

Sometimes it’s hard to find time to accomplish all the household jobs on your ever-growing list. With the aid of technology, help is not far away. A surge of new apps have arrived to make hiring a handyman quick and easy. Whether you want someone to weed your flowerbeds, or need a helping hand to get that big TV on the wall, one of these handyman apps could help you get the job done.

Average rating:

Android 3.7
Apple 4+
How it works: After setting your location, the Task Rabbit app leads you through a menu of task categories, but also provides a search box for free text, so you can type in exactly what service you’re looking for. Once you find the task you need, you can add details about your specific job, your location, and when you need service.
What’s it good for? Task Rabbit can connect you with people to assist with deliveries, event services and cleaning, as well as handyman help. Its handyman services include furniture assembly, TV mounting & picture hanging, heavy lifting, painting, yard work, carpentry, and electrical and plumbing work. You can use Task Rabbit in major cities including New York,

Tips to sell your home In US

The U.S. housing market is on the upswing in a very big way:

  • The May 2016 Case-Schiller Home Prices Indices showed home prices increasing at a rate double that of inflation, according to David Blitzer, managing director, and chairman of the Index Committee of S&P Dow Jones Indices.
  • Home prices in the western U.S. are climbing the fastest, and data from online real estate brokerage firm Redfin predicts Denver, Seattle, and Portland, Ore. will be the hottest markets of 2016.
  • According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), of their 20 hottest metro markets for May, the top nine were all in western states; seven in California.

If you live in a U.S. metro area where the housing market is nearly as red hot as the record-breaking temperatures, you may be hearing weekly from real estate agents who claim they have buyers for your home at the ready. It’s very tempting, but what home upgrades make for a quick sale at top dollar?

Buyers wish lists differ from one market to another:

Take New York City, for example. Manhattanites have very specific ideas about their kitchen appliances and if you’re selling in that market and don’t

The great of home maintenance and cheap

Summer brings warm, sunny days and the urge to get outside. That makes tackling summer home maintenance projects much easier and even enjoyable, and your home benefits from the extra care. Here are six maintenance projects that are best done during those long and lazy days of summer.

Nothing reveals a problem with your HVAC unit like a sweltering summer heat wave. If your cool air just doesn’t seem to keep up with the high temps, it’s time to take a hard look at your air conditioning. Even a unit that has been faithfully serviced every year might suddenly take a nosedive, and it’s something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible — and if you live in the south, ‘as soon as possible’ means ‘yesterday.’

Here are a few tips that might help: Turn off the power and carefully vacuum the accessible parts of the condenser (that’s the part of the unit outside your home). Then look at the evaporator (the part inside the house). Vacuum the blower compartment and change the filters. Keep in mind that these are small fixes; if the problem persists, contact a pro.

In most areas

Cheap tips for home design

Not all home improvement projects are created equal. Each one has its own set of pros and cons depending on your house, your location, and your lifestyle. And while most home improvements will enhance your enjoyment of your home, not all of them will be valuable to future buyers. Some home improvements just won’t give you a return on the money you’ve invested once it’s time to sell. Give it some serious thought before you pull the trigger on any of these 3 home improvements.

The idea of losing power in the dead of winter or height of summer is unpalatable, for sure. Wouldn’t it be great to know the lights would never go out unexpectedly, and you’d never have to grill everything in your freezer for a spontaneous block party? That can be a reality if you have a standby generator. A standby generator is permanently installed, runs off an underground natural gas or propane line, and kicks on automatically in the case of a power outage. But it most likely isn’t worth the cost, financially. The reality is that extended periods without power are rare. According to the 2016 Cost vs. Basis Report published by